Poll: Clinton vs. Giuliani in 2008

So who would you vote for?

Leave a comment on who you would vote for in 2008.

I can guarantee that I would vote for Guiliani in 2008. Not only is he a respectful person but he doesn’t play the political game like other candidates. He has the respect of both sides, even Democrats.

Hillary, however, is divisive. She’s a former member of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), a radical student activist movement in the United states founded in 1959. As part of the New Left movement in the United States, the organization developed rapidly in the mid-1960’s, before dissolving in 1969. She is also venomously anti-US military.

More information can be found reading this article at CNN.com

Matt Luria

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Steven Taylor

Love your blog so far. As a Christian Moderate, I plan to vote for John McCain. I’m really hoping for him a win.

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