Getting comfortable in my new home

So it’s been three weeks since I moved into my new place and I have to say I’m loving it. Sleeping in my nice big bed has its advantages. For one, I no longer have any back pain. Two, it’s actually mine as I paid for it with my own money. This weekend I am finally taking a break from moving stuff around to get adjusted to my place and finish putting stuff away. All in all, everything is coming together nicely. I hope to start blogging more at a more regular schedule. With the odd hours I’ve been working recently and the moving, I’ve found that I don’t have as much down time as a like. I also hope to start using my phone to post quick blurbs as I can.

I’m also watching the news for items that interest me, such as the Tulsa Serial Rapist trial…Pacer is slow updating and so are the local news sites so information on that is at a bare minimium. Oh well. If you want to see a legal case I’m really interested in, head on over to, a wonderful geek law site run by the (in)famous Linux para legal, Pamela Jones.

I hope to have a good write up of the UAA boycott of EJ Gallo wines and why I think it’s a waste of UUA time and money (and it’s been pointed out to me that the boycott has ended).  It’s been sitting on a back up disk rotting like a bad batch of boxed wine.

Until then, que te viya bien, my friends.

Matt Luria