Oklahoma outlaws “violent” video games

Once again, the state of Oklahoma has tried to be hip and stay true to its “conservative” roots by outlawing “violent” video games. First as a gamer and someone who did play some violent video games as a youth, this will not stop kids from playing violent video games.

I love this quote in the bill, ” The measure includes games that lack “serious literary, scientific, medical, artistic, or political value for minors” under the definition of “inappropriate violence”. The bill would establish a $100 fine for the sale of a violent game to a minor.” Gee, what games do they want kids to play? Tetris? Pong? *

One of the greatest games that is violent is the Medal of Honor series that was made by 2015 Studios based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yes, that game is violent. However the game is portraying war, World War II as a matter of fact. This bill would make one of the best video games ever made in this state, ILLEGAL! Sen. Glenn Coffee and Rep. Fred Morgan only quote evidence from a study that was released last year after the GTA: SA debacle. Most of the studies are only based on recent information, not information collected over the years. Can we say strawman theory here, folks?
And this part says it all, “I’m pleased we’ve been able to pass this legislation and provide protection to our children and familes,” said Coffee, R-Oklahoma City. “A mere warning on the sleeve of a game is not adequate to describe much of the violence contained in these games. Games that include the killing of police and other law enforcement officials, for instance, can only have a desensitizing effect on children.”
Yes, that simple warning lable is enough as it is crafted to be just like the movie rating system. You want to prevent kids from getting their hands on violent video games? Best of luck to you, pal but make sure that you involve parents too. If parents don’t take an active role with their kids in their video game choices, it should not fall to the stores to act as the parent.


My parents were involved in my gaming as a kid and I didn’t get to play the violent games sometimes when they were around but I could at other kid’s houses. That doesn’t mean I wanted to go shoot people up because it happens in a game. I turned out just fine. Video games are the latest blame tool for kids who act out violently, just like rock music in the 1980’s supposidly made kids want to take a shotgun and murder their parents.


*Footnote: I love the classic games and I play on an Atari 2800 when I or the girlfriend want to bust the big thing out.

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Matt Luria