Pixar’s Cars drives interest in historic Route 66

Pixar’s Cars drives interest in historic Route 66

Tulsa and Pixar’s latest film, “Cars”:

In creating the new film, Pixar went to great
pains to understand the history and texture of Route 66, beginning more than six years ago by enlisting Route 66’s best known expert, author Michael Wallis, whose “Route 66: The Mother Road” is credited
with stimulating the rebirth of the highway when it was published in 1990.

Wallis, who is also featured in Jenner’s documentaries, spent months on the highway with Pixar’s team
and ultimately was asked to be the voice of the Sheriff in the
new film.

“I’ve worked with a lot of creative people in my career,” said Wallis from his home in Tulsa, OK.
“But I’ve never met any group that matches the wonderful group Pixar assembled for this film. They managed to perfectly capture the essence of Highway 66 and I believe many thousands of people will now want to know more about its history and explore the highway on their own.”

As someone that has seen the movie, “Cars”, I think it is a wonderful way to garner interest on travelling a truly historic and magnificent highway. And don’t forget to watch the credits at the end of the movie if you need some good travel ideas or places to see on Route 66 in Oklahoma. Pixar was kind enough to list every single place they visited along 66.

Matt Luria