Superman Returns, go see it!

Well Tuesday night at 10pm, I went to the theater to see the opening night of Superman Returns.

And if the title doesn’t inspire you to go see it, well let me emphasize…GO SEE SUPERMAN RETURNS!

While I won’t spoil the ending for anyone, I will say that Brian Singer and crew did a wonderful job with the movie.  While a bit hokey in one spot, the entire movie had everyone cheering during the entire movie.  Brandon Routh sounds and looks like Christopher Reeve.  In fact during the movie, they make several references to all four Superman movies that Christopher Reeve’s did.  Even at the end of the movie, they made a fitting tribute to Chris and Dana Reeve.  Bravo!

Well stop reading my boring blog and go see the movie! What are you waiting for?  The trailer to Spiderman 3?  Well you can only see it at the Superman Returns movie.

Matt Luria