Another 9/11

Did we foil another 9/11 plot?

With all of the news that has been released since last week, you would think that people would realize that complain about delays, missing baggage, and violation of personal freedoms is rather mute, right?

Frankly I am glad that liquids are no longer allowed on flights along with portable electronics. Even though I love to listen to music on my iPod while on the plane, if not being able to have my music while on the plane in order to protect myself and others, I am all for it. And yes I do realize that the airlines charge a lot of money for drinks on aircraft, however; which is more important: Making it safely to your destination or going without that bloody mary so you don’t have to worry about the crying baby right next to you? Personally I’d take two Advil PM and Tonic water and sleep with pillows attached to my head with earplugs than with a hangover.

Here is the link to the TSA list of items you can take on any aircraft, click to see the list.

The only bad part is that you cannot bring wine on the airplane as checked baggage.  Yes, it can be stowed below but it can break.  Also, shipping wine to the State of Oklahoma is currently illegal, however; you can have the wine shipped to your favorite liquor store, just check with the owner if they would accept a shipment from overseas.

Matt Luria