Bumbling Bomar and the Future of OU

With OU being in the news again but not because we have a chance to win the National Championship game, but because of the bumbling bumblehead known as Rhett Bomar, all of the major sports newsites are saying that OU doesn’t have a chance anymore.

Well everyone is entitled to their opinion, rightfully so. But I disagree.

OU does have a 4 year quarterback named Paul Thompson, who believe it or not, has played several games, granted most of the time he was doing mop up plays after Jason White ran up the score. I still have friends that go to OU, even though I have graduated from there an no longer hold Student Season tickets.  They all go to the fall practices that are open to the fans and they stay the entire time.  And only one has said that he feels OU doesn’t have a chance to beat Texas.  The rest of us feel that OU can beat Texas this year as we do have more experience on our side than Texas does right now.

I don’t think OU will have a repeat of last year’s TCU game against UAB.

Matt Luria