Breaking News: Oklahoma Video Game Law Halted

Oklahoma Video Game Law Stopped

In a ruling issued October 11, 2006, Judge Robin J. Cauthron, US District Judge, Western District of Oklahoma, handed down a preliminary injunction halting the implementation of Oklahoma’s law which prohibits the sale of video games depicting “inappropriate” violence to minors. In the decision, the Court stated that plaintiffs presented strong arguments that the Act contains unconstitutional content-based restrictions and that the Act’s language is unconstitutionally vague.

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“This marks the ninth Court decision in the past five years to enjoin restrictions on video games,” said Doug Lowenstein, president of the ESA, the trade group representing U.S. computer and video game publishers. “We’re grateful for the preliminary injunction and look forward to prevailing in the effort to permanently strike down the law.”

Judge Robin J. Cauthron, US District Judge, Western District of Oklahoma also stated, “It was apparent that Plaintiffs are substantially likely to prevail in this case even if the Act is subjected to a lower level of scrutiny.”

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