Foleygate and excuses

Position of authority & trust. Trusted invididual. Child safety advocate. Internet Predator??

After hearing about Mark Foley on the news and his lamebrain excuses. I for one, wish he had been caught during a sting like the Dateline: To Catch a Predator series on NBC. Blaming alcoholism is nothing but a cheap political trick by many politicians who don’t want to own up to their mistake. To top it all off, he sidesteps and places the blame on a priest when he was a kid that molested Foley. Boo hoo.

Foley’s actions are reprehensible and vile. Instead of trying to pass the fault of his actions on others, he should have taken responsibility for his sick transgressions and gotten help for those tendancies, not alcohol. The alcohol is the escape and the scapegoat.

Maybe politicians should just own up to the mistakes that they make instead of always blaming someone or something else for their screwups.

Matt Luria