D-Day on Tuesday

Well Tuesday is the big day for Harmony.  She is having a spinal fusion in her neck.  After many years of her being in pain, and trying different kinds of medication, she had a discography performed a month ago.  It was then what we learned that she had two disks in her neck that had failed.  Since that time, we’ve been looking at what options she had available to her to ease the pain.

Well after several meetings with different doctors, the one that gave us the best image was a Dr. Boone that a co-worker recommended to us.  Not only was he nice but he took the time to explain everything to Harmony, which helped to ease her stress and anxiety.

And the big day is tomorrow.  Needless to say, we’re all a bit nervous but in the end, I think she will be pain free for the first time in 8 years.

So everyone wish us luck and keep us in your prayers.

If you want to send a card to Harmony, I ask that you post a comment here with an email address where I can reach you to give you an address to send the card.

Matt Luria