VT shooting and video game violence

Once again the anti-video game sheep like Dumb Video Game Laws Lawyer Jack Thompson, and Oprah’s favorite shrink, Dr. Phil, and others have started to blame video games for the massacre at VT, without looking at the facts.  Their over generalization and constant finger pointing at the video game industry is not going to solve the problem or bring the lives lost back.  Scapegoating an industry shows lack of knowledge, especially one industry that is as large and vast like the video game industry.

If these loons and activists want to go after the video game industry, why not go after the anti-depressants as well since they are known to have the following side-effects: Increased irritability, mood swings, agression, and sudden outbursts of uncontrolable anger.  Yep, Prozac and others have these side-effects.

Blaming videogames for the violence at VT? The wrong solution is to bury your head in the sand and keep on wishing for nirvana.

Blaming the person responsible for the violence at VT?  The right solution because there is no one thing responsible except the person who commited the acts.

Matt Luria