Tulsa a sanctuary city no more

Well it wont be much longer. By September, TPD and TCS will have completed training by ICE and have set procedures on reporting illegal and criminal aliens to the government for deportation. Of course, the immigrant groups and bleeding heart liberals are going to try to fight this along with a law that Oklahoma passed making it illegal for businesses to hire illegal aliens.

Let’s get something out there so everyone has the same view as I do. I believe in learning a second language, specifically, the language where you live. So if you live in France, you learn to speak French, you live in the US, you learn to speak English.

When I live in Mexico, I learned Spanish. When I studied in France, I learned French.

And anytime I entered those counties, I entered with proper documentation. However those that entire the US illegally do not have the documentation if none at all.

There are some businesses here that if you know who to ask, will tell you how to get a fake Soc. Sec. Card, help you get a Driver’s License from the DMV and even fake insurance. Obviously I cannot list those businesses here but some have been featured recently in the local news.

Support Legal Immigration and stop criminal aliens.

Matt Luria