Funding the future of Oklahoma

I’m a teacher and a Republican.  I’m also fiscally conservative when it comes to the government waste that is very prevalent here in Oklahoma.  But due to overspending in certain departments, certain people think it would be wise to use bond money that comes out of the same account for education expenses, to fund our education system.  Yeah, read that sentence a second time.  Certain Republicans think that by issuing a bond out of the same account that is used to pay for education via appropriations, to pay for education in the short term is a way to increase our funding for education. 

Mind you that teachers in this state earn just over $35,000 per year starting.  And they want to use this bond money to give educators their bonus this way.  It’s not going to work. 

If the bond has a weak return of investment, it will cost this state even more money to pay off that bond.  Plus where are we going to get the money to pay for that bond?  Take more money out of roads?  How about schools?

Matt Luria

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Gerald Buckley

Not to mention all the money that HAS been earmarked for certain programs getting diverted from the LAWFUL destinations. You’re absolutely on the dot with this one!

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