Recovery and Reinvestment Plan? Try Porkus Maximus

Jamie Dupree has posted the entire stimulus bill here.  By the way, House Democrats in power are trying to push this thing through before giving the American people 48 hours to look over the bill.  So much for transparency in the Obama Administration.  What is even more sad is that Obama believes his own Koolaid that the American people actually support the bill, when in fact a poll released yesterday evening by Rasmussan Polls show that 69% of the American people do not support the bill.

Gee, I wonder why?

Could it because the bill gives money for STD education?  ACORN? Pork projects? No tax credits?  But it does include lots of welfare, oh wait, sorry that is a tax credit according to some.  Senator Dingy Harry Reid was right when he said that the American people no longer care about what the government does so long as it supports them.

This bill is designed to do exactly what it was written to do.  Pay off special interest groups and hand out other people’s money to those that refuse to work like Octamom to create more Democrat voters.

Matt Luria