Eve online and a little corporation

Last month, I assumed control of the corporation that I have been a member of since I started playing Eve Online.  I’ve Bern teasing the do’s and don’ts of running a corporation.  First thing was first, what were my corp assets.  The in game value is roughly 50 billion isk, which in us dollars is roughly 1400 dollars.  That’s not counting our liquid assets nor the moon assets and custom offices that generate daily income.

At our highest point we had 20 members and we have contacted down to 6 as of today.  I’m also changing the focus from pure industry to a combination of industry and player versus environment experiences.  So far, I’m keeping most things the same when it comes to build orders and the like, however; I won’t be sharing duties anytime soon.  I guess the big thing will be seeing how we do during the summer before I decide if the corp stays open or not.

I will say one thing for sure is that I’m excited about the future in Eve as my alliance is working towards soveriegnty and we’re half way there.  Well time to get to work in real life and not worry about my corp in a game.

Matt Luria