New strategy

So today I learned how to use the new entosis links in the game of Eve Online.  What is it and what does it do?

Well the Entosis Link is a new game mechanic that involves a high slot module to “flip” off station services on stations or outposts, and soon take control of systems themselves.  Here is what I found out in my first use of it today.

The T1 version works on a range of 25km from the service that you are targeting, while the T2 version can work from a range of 250km.  Offlining a service takes 2-3 cycles after the first warmup cycle.  A cloning service took me 13 minutes total, while a fitting service took me a little over 15 minutes.

Small alliances should always have someone online 23/7 to defend against such attacks in the future.

Matt Luria