Game changes and Two inches of brain matter

As CEO of my corporation in EVE, I’ve had some interesting battles in game. Either wars against the alliance or high sec war deccers, war is a central part of the game. Well recently Mad Associates moved into a little area of Scalding Pass. We have good relations with a few of the corps and alliances in this pocket; there is, however, one entity that feels they are above everyone else, they like to call themselves Two Inch Terrorists. A 150 man alliance that is mostly made up of alts, who thing they are better than everyone else in the area and try to bully others into joining them. As with any games, however, some people know how to play the game and others do not; TiT does not know how to play this game. Sure they can talk a big game and claim to be space rich, dropping capitals and titans on unsuspecting cruiser fleets but in reality they are nothing but blow hards and scammers. The pocket they “own”, they believe to be the best pocket in the area; the four star system pocket however, does not get utilized to its full potential. The space they claim “ownership” of is more a recruitment tool than anything else, with the system indexes sitting at either zero or one. They have even let their prime system, that is classified as a L3 Null Sec star system, languish. So where does that bring us?

Well Fozzie Sov hits tomorrow morning and the game change means that Sov holders really have to up their game to defend their space.  These two inch dumbbells have lost 2 dreads, 7 carriers, numerous expensive ships just to stop us from attacking their stations with entosis links.  I”ll let the kill boards speak for themselves.  Their kill board really is a great one line joke.

They’ve lost over 40 billion isk this month alone.  Heck, they even lost an Archon to a small fleet of caracals.  Caracals!!! And we’re to be afraid of these mindless dull pencils?  Please.  I think a space slug turd has more intelligence than these guys.  Every night, we fight these guys in their home system, shut down their station services.  And they undock some big ship to fight us off.  It’s worked a few times but not even their friends are coming to help them.  Earlier today, they were off-lining a POS in WV0D and they got awoxed by a neutral who brought in Hard Knocks.  There went the bestower and the tower.

So when Fozzie sov hits, I hope these little two inch ticks are ready to defend every system they own.  I know the sharks are circling their stations and their systems to get ready to pounce.  And I plan to be a shark attacking their little nests and being a good shark by sharpening my teeth on their bones.


Matt Luria