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  • FBI + PJ = conviction

    Dylan Thomas aka Jon Schillaci arrested on June 6th by the FBI in Mexico. PJ had worked with the FBI since January 2008 and with their information, he was arrested and sent back to New Hampshire to face charges from 1999. Congratulations to PJ and the FBI Agent in Charge. Read more from Wikisposure here. […]

  • Technology finds new ways to unmask predators

    Once again, the good guys are finding ways to umask those that would hurt our most precious resource, our children.  Today, Interpol unmasked a wanted pedophile by unblurring and unwrapping his face in his own blurred pictures.  To read more, go to Fox News.

  • ESA officially sues Oklahoma

    Oklahoma: On June 23, the ESA filed suit against House Bill 3004, which was signed into law by Governor Brad Henry and was set to go into effect on November 1, 2006. According to Doug Lowenstein, President of the ESA, “What [lawmakers] won’t tell voters: we just picked your pocket to the tune of a […]

  • ESA gives notice

    I received this email from the ESA this weekend: Oklahoma: Representative Fred Morgan introduced House Bill 3004, which passed in the State House and Senate, but not before Oklahoma VGVN members wrote their elected officials to express their discontent and opposition to the bill. Governor Brad Henry recently signed this bill into law, and it […]

  • Breaking News: Take-Two, Rockstar Settle FTC Charges

    They finally settled the charges and the FTC is not going to target the ESRB.  The FTC has recognized that the ESRB can police itself just fine without government intervention. Hey Senator Coffee, did you get the memo, ESA is going to sue Oklahoma after they finish with Minnesota.

  • ESA Files Suit Against Minnesota Law

    I got this in my email box today…is Oklahoma next? Video Game Voters Network * * *VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY SUES THE STATE OF MINNESOTA* *Industry Seeks to have Unconstitutional Video Game Law Overturned* Washington, D.C. (June 7, 2006) — The computer and video game industry filed suit yesterday in Minnesota Federal District Court, asking that […]

  • ACLU has its priorities wrong

    Once again the ACLU has shown that they do not care about victims of child abuse, of child molesters, and victims of pedophiles. Especially after they try to help serial convicted child molesters get easier access to children. Read the article here from CNN. The ACLU in Indiana is suing Indianapolis because they feel that […]

  • Sad news for Oklahoma gamers

    I just received this email this evening. Matt, Senator Coffee asked me to relate to you that HB3004 has already passed out of the Senate and has returned to the House. This bill passed out of the house and senate unanimously. Becky Woodie EA to Senator Glenn Coffee Fellow gamers, we lost even before we […]

  • Sony vs teh world: part 2 From the EFF: It’s time for music fans who bought Sony BMG CDs loaded with harmful XCP or MediaMax copy protection to claim their settlement benefits: clean versions of the music, plus (in many cases) additional downloads and cash. Submitting a claim not only gets fans music that will play on their computers without […]

  • Tulsa serial rapist is caught

    Tulsa serial rapist is caught!