One Month Later

Well a month has gone by since I last updated my blog. Things have changed and I’ve started … my last semester at OU as a college student. My online independant study class is going smoothly, although this week I haven’t done the homework as I’ve been busy studying for a few exams.

In other news, I’m back on the dating scene and I’ve met someone recently who is very nice and has been a joy to be around since we’ve started talking. We’re both students so most of our time is spent studying for our respective classes. Our disciplines are different though and we don’t study together. A mutual friend of ours introduced us to each other.

Other good news in my life is that Frankie, the cat of my good friend Terri Meachum, has so far been given a clean bill of health regarding Feline Leukemia. So six months after being diagnosed with the disease, the little guy beat the bug and won.

Here is a picture of him.

Well its off to study again, folks.
If you are having trouble finding certain pages or links are broken, I know about them. The server burped back some older versions so I’m having to make some quick changes. I’m working on that right now.


Matt Luria