From the front lines

This just in:

My final exams will be here next week and its crunch time. Yep, that’s right folks, my last final exams of my collegiate life. No more late night cram sessions, no more Finance, no more stuffy French teachers. No more 10 page papers over a story that is just 20 pages long. No more late night Walmart raids with friends, no more IHOP study sessions at 3am, and no more craziness in the dorms. I’m going to miss all of this, namely my friends that I have made here. The ones I will be leaving behind.

Well I’m almost finished with my main site,, all I have left is my Spanish section.

Oh and if anyone wants to get me something, I’d go for one of these.

In closing as we say in Spanish farewell,
Que te vaya bien!


Matt Luria