2005 is over

The year 2005 is over and its now time for my end of the year impressions.

The year went by slow the first six months, probably because it was my last semester as a college student. A very wonderful person kept me on track of my goals. Granted the month of May was hectic because I was graduating and travelling to France in the same month.

July and August were hell as well as I had just come back from France, had forgotten all of my Spanish, plus I had been turned down for a few jobs.

In late August, I was pointed to the wonderful job that I am working now. Training was long and hard but it was worth it. By late October, I was taking calls and assisting the customers.

November and December, I changed schedules and started working on my own and taking iniatives on several problems. Course December was nice…several long work days…6 day work weeks. Lots of $$$. w00t!

It’s now 2006 and its going great. I love my job!

Matt Luria