Dateline and

The past four weeks, Wednesday night hasn’t been the same since Dateline started airing back to back episodes of the “To Catch a Predator” Series. Dateline teamed up with and Local Law Enforcement just like they did for Dateline III back in December. Wave after wave of men came to homes where they thought underage minors were home alone. All of them came bearing all kinds of gifts, from roses to alcohol and condoms.

Today, May 24th, we will see busts from previous sting operations and find out what has gone on with many of those cases. In many of these cases, I think justice should come sooner. These men were violating the law, and many states have the same laws involving solicitating minors for sex. In Oklahoma it is the same laws that are in place federally, so in a sense, we are following the federal law. Sadly, the police departments in Oklahoma are cash strapped and this is one arena that LE here vitally needs funding so they can protect Oklahoma kids from predators. Did Dateline and Perverted Justice commit entrapment? Nope, not even according to Oklahoma law. Perverted Justice even has a recent bust from the state of Oklahoma and let me tell you, that chat is not safe for work. But if you are a parent, I can guarentee you that after reading that chat, you will want to talk to your kids about being safe online and be involved in their lives, both online and offline.

So after watching Dateline and you wish you could do more to protect our kids? Here is some wonderful advise:
Contact your City Council, contact your state’s Bureau of Investigations, your local representatives and legislators, and tell them that you want them to increase funding for their internet crimes divisions to help stop child predators from reaching our children. Also check out’s website and see what is really out there stalking our children.

Matt Luria