Iran and the events

Well needless to say the events in Iran have taken a turn for the worse.  I have taken the time to have a proxy set up on my website for Iranians who want freedom.  I have worked with several in creating a hard data pipeline for those in Iran to be able to get their information out.  Several hacker groups, notably 4chan, Anon, SA, and others have pooled their resources together to help the Iranian people free themselves of tyrany.  As a conservative, I feel that the United State should be doing everything possible to support a free democracy in Iran much like we have in the United States.  The Unitarian in me wants there to also be religious freedom in Iran, much like we have in the United States as well.  I encourage everyone to watch #Iranelection on Twitter and do everything possible to help those in Iran get information out to the real world.  Even just by copying and pasting tweets that are legitimate to help make sure that the right information stays on top of the trash, you are doing something to help those who crave democracy.

Matt Luria